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Comparing and Contrasting Cultures from the 60s to Today

In this rant, we will see how popular culture has changed between the 60s and the 70s. We often at first believe we see drastic differences appearing however, if we give it a second glance, we soon discover that there are not as sweeping differences as we first suspected. The similarities of both eras engulf the youth of our country, a period of great creativity and expressions of freethinking. The 60s were the turbulent age for our society as changes were rapidly taking place on a number of topics. Fashion was basically a shock treatment for the eyes as the clothing ranged from the elegant array of fashions wore by Jackie Kennedy to the mod look with its go-go boots and the short miniskirt. We found bell bottom jeans, long skirts and the peasant dresses that were being worn by the hippy culture to be somewhat different.

The influence of media upon our Culture

The media is everywhere in our culture as it tries to influence our every move. No longer do we find it confined to the television or the newspaper, but it has managed to wing its way into every aspect of our life. Portable cell phones now permit a holder to access any news source that they so desire. This pop culture influence can especially be noticed in the areas of politics. You can have daily tweeted messaged sent to you by the top politicians in the campaign on their upcoming speech locations or their comments towards a particular issue. The most obvious influences that have an effect upon the pop culture is the political commentaries we find from the entertainer’s statements. We see this from both the right and the left.

Sounds from a Lost Cemetery

Children tend to do some significant, but eerie things as they grow up. Yours truly was no exception to this rule. While growing up in New Jersey, as a preteen it was not uncommon for my friends and I to hide covertly behind a tombstone at the local cemetery. We would patiently await the passage of some poor, innocent “living being” as they made their way towards the local grocery store or somewhere else of importance to them in the early evening hours just after the arrival of darkness. In the event there was a full moon out that particular evening, the “scare game” we played took on a more sinister role and was even more enticing. I still to this day can vividly relive those creepy thrills experienced when we would suddenly leap out from behind the cold-stone tombstone and totally scare the pants off of an unsuspecting individual. To a young boy in those days this was a means of entertainment which actually hurt no one other than the intended victim and his or her missed heartbeats.

Cultural Icons and the Impact of the Peace Movement

America has elevated the peace movement to a cult status. Many of the initial players in this movement have been promoted to icon status as we move into a new dimension of understanding. We now find the peace sign as a symbol of the 60s and a reminder of what the era stood for with its opposition to the Vietnam War. This anti-war counterculture developed first in America and quickly began to spread throughout most of the Western world. There was a drastic increase in the movement’s popularity as our authorities increased our military intervention in Southeast Asia.

The Old Honey Badger Moved On

The Old Honey Badger Moved On

It was just another beautiful morning in the killing fields in South Vietnam. A pilot I had never saw before approached me, stuck out his hand and said, “So you’re the Atheist that’s joined us Christian soldiers who are charged…

Murderer For Hire

Executive director of Equal Justice Initiative, Bryan Stevenson says, "The entire prosecutorial system in his home state (Alabama) is riddled with incompetence and not-so-latent racism, that perpetuates an historic injustice between black and white in the entire Deep South."