The Old Honey Badger Moved On

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It was just another beautiful morning in the killing fields in South Vietnam. A pilot I had never saw before approached me, stuck out his hand and said, “So you’re the Atheist that’s joined us Christian soldiers who are charged with saving the world.

I believe they call you the honey badger.” I replied, “You left out the part about me being an asshole.

I’m sure the other Christian soldiers’ added that little tidbit. To both our amazement, he was assigned to the tent I lived in.

This was his second all inclusive Vietnam vacation. We were both aircraft commanders, but whenever operations got the change they put us together. Mind you not as a favor.

We assumed they did this hoping to get rid of two for the price of one. I’d be lying if I said were close, but only because neither of us was a guy that let other get too close.

You do that in the military during war time and you’ll wish some dark and stormy night you hadn’t.

I guess it was close to the time I was getting ready to return to the place and people we had saved from some awful people who hated us for some reason.

The strange thing about that is they are never in our country killing us; we’re in their country.

It’s all way too complicated for me, anyway this guy says to me, “Miller, you’re different; you’re cold and little more than a robotic executioner. But I trust and like you. You’re like a deep river that looks placed but is treacherous.

I don’t think God will let you leave this place.” I replied, “I don’t bargain with gods or demons.

But I will tell you this; there is some power somewhere that stands between me and those who would harm me.

Why I do not know nor do I care.” The man that had just predicted my future was killed by one of our own troops who was trying to kill his commanding office but got the wrong guy.

And the old honey badger caring even less moved on.

Alacrán, The Honey Badger by Bob Miller

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