Why to choose Great-Feeds.com to publish your article/feed ?

Before starting to enumerate the reasons why you should choose Great-Feeds.com to publish your article/feed we want to expose first what is our goal:

To become one of the most trusted sources currently existing on the internet for article marketing

Not only that we want to help authors for promoting their business or their personal websites but we want to give to our readers a great and realible source of information.

publishWhy us?

  •  we check every feed submited before publishing to provide quality content and to be Unique;
  • because we care about our content published, after a feed pass our review, in the following weeks and months we still check them to make sure they are not published on other sites; We do this so we don`t be penalized for duplicated content and keep Great-Feed.com as a trusted source of information for our readers. We are sure that you also want this 🙂 .
  • we make permanent improvements regarding user experience on our website so your feeds can be easily found and read;
  • we also make sure that every feed is indexed by the Search Engines as faster as possible;
  • every feed published will be shared on our Social Media profiles/pages so you can gain more popularity for your feeds as faster as possible;
  • we are subscription based, so not every person who has a laptop and internet conection who try to make a dolar claiming that are SEO experts and adding dublicated content all over the web to gain some backlinks for their clients, but only those who understant that content is the king work`s perfect with article marketing strategy and understant that maintaining quality requires costs;


What do you think ?

We gave you enough reasons to start to publish quality content on Great-Feeds.com ?