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Casablanca, Generation of Good and Evil

As an inspiration for today’s rant, I watched an older movie last evening and at its conclusion, my mind, as usual, started gears clicking inside. Immediately as usually is the case, I decided to try and evaluate and analyze the values of good and evil within the confines of this 1942 movie entitled Casablanca. This American classic film was based upon a stage play entitled, “Everybody Comes to Rick's.” The movie film set was that of World War II and focused upon a man who was drawn between the love he felt for a woman from his past and his desire to assist her husband in his efforts to escape from the Moroccan city of Casablanca.

Pablo Picasso and his three Musicians

For this article, I have selected one of my favorite paintings created by none other than Pablo Picasso. The painting in question is the “Three Musicians”. Before indulging into the actual analysis of this work of art, I would like to say a few words relating to a copy of it which I completed in the 1980’s. At the time, I was living in Zaragoza, Spain and we would usually venture down to a specific local restaurant in the town during the early evening hours. At this particular location the owner and his wife took a strong liking to my eldest son (Joe Jr.) and he was treated as if he was one of the family members whenever we went into the establishment. He was permitted in the kitchen; they gave him a chef’s hat and he could sit and bang on the keys of the piano as much as he so desired. These people thought nothing of all this, however, as a responsible parent my wife and I disapproved of this behavior and halted it in the bud.