Frantically Greedy or Mentally Disturbed

The deliberate pollution of the seas and intentional acts to cover it up.
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Today, I received an email asking me if my open letter about the Princess Cruise Line’s 11-year history of illegal discharges using bypass equipment to circumvent pollution-prevention equipment weren’t over the top and hypocritical since I have said that I do not care what happens to this planet or its inhabitants.

That’s an easy question to answer, Sir. First, only the lowest level of humanity—specifically, the corporate executives at Cunard and Princess—would consider my open letter to be over the top. Second, I’m not the one being hypocritical. I do not circle the earth polluting its oceans while claiming to be environmentally conscious by spending millions to protect its oceans.

Like the oil and timber industry, every dime Cunard spends on eco-friendly safety equipment is forced upon them. And, as we now know, they will do whatever is necessary to circumvent using that equipment. Only the Three Monkeys would believe that the Caribbean Princess was the only ship in the Cunard fleet avoiding its environmental and moral responsibilities. Corporate degenerates are like pedophiles and rapists: once is never enough. Moreover, those who intentionally harm the very source of their livelihood are either frantically greedy or mentally disturbed.

This $40 million fine is no more than a month’s profit, and you can believe Cunard and Princess would not have put themselves in harms way if it had not been profitable to do so. So, one is forced to conclude that they took a calculated risk. As for me, I have driven my RV 50 miles out of the way and paid a fee to dump the holding tanks. All I can say is from now on, those of you who love to camp and hike had best be careful of where you park your RV, pitch your tent, or put your feet.

I didn’t believe a corporation could sink lower than Wells Fargo, but Cunard and Princess Cruise Lines sail right on by Wells Fargo, and ended up on the bottom of the ocean. Sadly for us, my wife and I have a mini-suite booked on the Island Princess departing Los Angles for Hawaii on January 23, 2017. We have requested a full refund. I’m guessing that’s the equivalent of asking a pickpocket to return your money along with your wallet. I doubt that dedicated environmentalists would want to know how few people booked on Princess’ cruises who claim, unlike me, to care about our oceans will cancel. So, don’t cast me as the hypocrite in this demonic play.

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