Recession is a word. And that’s all it is—a word. But it’s a great word for people like me.
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As the limo takes me to the airport for a flight to London or to Port Everglades for a cruise, the word recession explains in the briefest possible way the long lines at unemployment offices, food banks and homeless shelters.

It’s not these central banks that put these people in those lines. While it’s true, these banks are Robin Hood in reverse, it was childish dependence that have these people lined up. I too live under the thumb of these banks like millions of others who are getting lined up for flights and cruises to exciting and exotic places.

A recession in the US amounts to nothing more than a rest stop to clean the weapons and reload while the powers that be plan the next invasion. Don’t let the word “invasion” fool you. It doesn’t necessarily mean a military action on foreign soil. It could be subprime loans, derivatives, quantitative easing (QE), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) teamed up with the pharmaceutical industry to test a new drug for, say, Ebola.

I mean, if you plan on your military using germ warfare, then you had better have a cure, or at least an antidote, unless of course you are a holy man like the late reverend Jim Jones. So don’t fear the word recession.

It’s simply an elongated word for recess. I can’t speak for the other kids, but I always looked forward to recess.

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