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Murderer For Hire


Executive director of Equal Justice Initiative, Bryan Stevenson says, “The entire prosecutorial system in his home state (Alabama) is riddled with incompetence and not-so-latent racism, that perpetuates an historic injustice between black and white in the entire Deep South.”

While it is undeniable that blacks suffer far worse at the hands of a society not fit to Judge Joseph Stalin than do whites, injustice and barbarism is only one mistake away for all hourly wage earners in the United States.

I help to burn hundreds of orphans, a priest, nuns and care givers to death so Gen. Westmoreland could have a big body count to prove to the social and sexual degenerates in Washington, D.C. that their appropriation had been wisely spent as countless others have done throughout our history.

So for once in your lives do something decent and sign this petition to have our penal system reviewed and those convicted because of color and by glory seeking attorneys and judges be retried. The Foreign Policy of the United States is overwhelming proof that none of us are fit to judge anyone.

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