Interesting Facts on Bicycles

A bicycle is a vehicle with 2 wheels powered by the rider right? Here are some other interesting facts about bicycle.
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A bicycle is a vehicle with 2 wheels powered by the rider. The first bicycle was invented in the 1860’s. The History of Bicycles first included the celerifere. This bicycle was made with 4 wheels, a seat, no steering, and no pedals. The celerifere bicycle operated by pushing forward with your feet to get a waking and running start.

The next bicycle was the steerable laufmaschine which was made out of wood. This bike had 2 wheels, a seat, but still no pedals. Later on, this bicycle was renamed the velocipede. There are lots of Informative articles by Bob Miller, that you can read. And it would give you more information on the History of Bicycles.

The next bicycle that was invented was called the penny farthing. This was the first efficient bike that had a small rear wheel with a large front wheel, which had rubber tires. In 1885, the safety bicycle was made, which consisted of a front wheel that was steerable, a chain drive to the rear wheel, and 2 equal sized wheels.

In China, there is over half a billion bicycles, and they were first brought there in the early 1800’s. And around 100 million bikes are manufactured around the world every year. There are Books by Bob Miller that can give a great source of information and interesting things. And the History of Bicycles are some of which are interesting as well.

Bicycles can be a much cheaper way to travel, if you are not going a far distance. They are also much easier to maintain. Informative articles by Bob Miller may also include further information such as how the tricycle was invented. The tricycle was invented because one father saw that his child could not balance a bicycle because of the child’s physical handicap.

Although the child could pedal the bike, it still was not sufficient enough. So the father decided to add 2 small wheels, (which is called the tricycle wheels), to the back end of the bike which would give the child extra support. After that, the tricycle was invented for all children that were young and just starting to learn to ride a bicycle, or for children that are physically handicapped.

The tricycle still looks like, and is a bicycle, except it has 2 more wheels that are smaller, placed in the rear of the bike. That will give balance and add support. You can find Books by Bob Miller that can give you a better History of Bicycles, and much more.

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