5 ways to boost your metabolism

Need 5 quick tips to help boost your metabolism? Your wish is my command!
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Need 5 quick tips to help boost your metabolism? Your wish is my command!

Drink ½ Your Bodyweight in Water Ounces

No, this is not a typo. Water can speed up your metabolism big-time! If you sit and think, it makes sense as to why it does.

For one, our bodies are made up of approximately 75% of the colorless substance, so it makes sense that drinking it will enhance our metabolism! A study tested the effects of drinking water on healthy participants.

They discovered that after drinking one bottle of water, increased participants’ metabolic rates by over 30% for about 40 minutes! In case math isn’t your forte, a 30% increase in metabolism is a good thing!

Eat Lean Protein

Whether you choose to indulge in poultry, seafood and/or beef, protein is vital to helping you overcome a slow metabolism. The human body has to use twice the energy to breakdown protein in comparison to carbs and fats.

That is why it makes sense to primarily eat meat (along with vegetables) on your plate. Good choices of lean animal protein are chicken, fish, organic beef and turkey.

Stop Stressing

How many of you are stressed at this moment? If so, you better relax if speeding up your metabolism is your goal!

Your physique signals stress whenever it senses a threat; an involuntary response left over from the primitive days when humans had to combat with lions, tigers and bears (Oh my!).

This stress reaction surges up your blood pressure and heart rate.

While this is an important function whenever you encounter a hazardous situation, if it is repeatedly triggered by daily stress, it will produce too much cortisol. That will be very troublesome to several bodily functions, especially your metabolism.

Eat Breakfast

If raising your metabolism is a serious goal for you, then the first thing you should do upon waking up is make you some breakfast. Whether it is a meal consisting of eggs, bacon and whole wheat toast, or just a bowl of cereal, breakfast will help give your metabolism a boost for the day.

While skipping breakfast is not a bad thing, research shows that regular breakfast eaters tend to be leaner! In addition, research discovered that eating breakfast can increase your basal metabolism rate (BMR) up to 10 percent.

Lift Weights

While pushups and other bodyweight exercises are great, it comes a point in time where you need to lift weights to further challenge your muscles and boost your metabolism for days!

When you lift a weight that is moderately heavy, to help heal your muscles (i.e. the soreness you feel), your metabolism is elevated up to 39 hours.

So that is about 2 days that you will shred through calories off of one 45 to 60 minute weight lifting session. You don’t need to know much about economics to know that is one hell of a return on investment!

Those 5 tips will help send your metabolism into overdrive.

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