VA Medical Wait Times

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Disney comment leaves VA secretary facing criticism (and a few puns) over veterans’ wait times. Of course, it is mostly Republican politicians who are doing the complaining about VA wait times, and of course it’s an election year.

The hypocrisy of this is, if it were not for these warmongering Republicans, mostly of these veterans wouldn’t be at a VA centers in the first place.

Paul Ryan, the chief hypocrite, needs to return with his wife to that recently scrubbed kitchen, put on some new aprons, and pretend he’s scrubbing some perfectly clean pots. Ryan, you and your spouse are as phony as a three-dollar bill. You’re not fit to be in Congress, let alone as the speaker of the house. We all know the only reason you got the job was that no one else wanted it. You make me gag—and I’m a registered Republican. I can’t imagine how sick you two must make a Democrat.

Although Lady Justice is slow to act, she does make the rounds. With any luck at all, she’ll show up and have a heart-wrenching conversation with you and that spouse of yours.

If not, you’ll end up choking on amour-propre one day. History plainly shows that narcissists live a lie, live in hell on earth, and end up being used like so much toilet paper. You’re the last guy anyone would want to be in a foxhole with, but then we don’t have to worry about that, do we?

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