Network Imei Unlock GSM CDMA Mobile Simcard

What is mobile unlock. How to unlock cdma gsm mobile sim card. Procedure to generate sim imei unlock code for smartphone.
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Steps To Sim Imei Unlock Gsm Cdma Mobile.

Mobile sim Unlock is a process of removing network lock or carrier lock applied on mobile. Carrier sim provider locks gsm or cdma mobile. To network carrier unlock Lg, Samsung, Nokia, Google pixel, iPhone or Motorola mobile. It requires imei unlock code for Google pixel, Samsung, LG, iPhone, Motorola and Nokia cellphones. Unlocked mobile can use any sim card of t-mobile, Verizon, at&t, bell, telus, Telstra, o2 and orange.

In general two type of mobile technology used. 1) GSM and 2) CDMA. 85 percentage of mobile are having GSM technology. CDMA technology has very limited scope. CDMA stand for Code Decimal Multiple Access. This CDMA technology is used during 2g arena. But after 4G LTE and 5G network, cdma is less scope. GSM stand for Global System of Mobile. Most of the latest mobile are having GSM technology.

To network unlock gsm mobile, it need imei unlock code. While to unlock cdma mobile, you need to modify software. gsm mobile unlock code can be generated from imei number of Google pixel, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Apple iPhone. cdma phone does not use sim imei unlock code.
Manufacturer or carrier provides unique number to each mobile. It is called imei number. Without Imei number you cannot unlock mobile.

To unlock any gsm mobile, you need.

1) imei number,
2) Carrier name like Verizon, sprint, T-Mobile, at&t, bell, roger and telus.
3) Location country where sim is locked. Some mobile only work in particular province or country of USA and Europe. Such kind of lock is named roaming lock.
Without sim unlock mobile, if you use other sim card then it will give error messages like network locked sim card inserted, provide sim restriction code, enter sim network unlock pin or contact service provider.
While in cdma mobile, there is MIN OR IMSI. MIN meaning is mobile identity number while IMSI is international mobile subscriber identity. IMSI is mix up of MCC, MNC and MSIN.

Call customer care for unlock code.

Call to customer care and make request for unlock code. If you have paid all your due amount then you will get email with unlocking details.

Call competitor customer care.

If you have at&t sim card then call to Verizon or t-mobile customer care. Or better to without their retail store and ask them the you want to shift on their network but you need to unlock mobile phone. they will get mobile imei number and provide you sim imei unlock code for gsm mobile.

To unlock cdma mobile sim card.

User need to flash firmware with unlocking software codes. In cdma mobile network locking is done at software. And only modification of software can unlock cdma mobile network. cdma mobile does not use sim card. You can download customer firmware as per mobile model. Most of the Samsung, lg, Motorola, Nokia custom firmware are available on internet.
Once you have customer firmware root mobile and install good flashing software to flash customer firmware.

List of cdma carrier in USA.
1) Verizon wireless 2) us cellular 3) bell 4) MTS 5) TELUS 6) alltel 7) Carolina west wireless 8) Illinois valley cellular.

We cannot use gsm mobile on cdma network and cdma mobile on gsm network. As both are different technologies. Even if cdma and gsm mobile network is using 800 / 1900 MHz band. You cannot use both mobile on same network. Gsm mobile use sim card to register on network while in cdma mobile network information is coded within mobile. Cdma mobile does not use sim card. But bell and TELUS has work on their network which allows using cdma mobile on gsm network and gsm smartphone on cdma mobile.

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