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The Pope calls employers who exploit workers “bloodsuckers.” Now, I could really have some fun with this one. I mean, if there has ever been an organization that sucks all round, it is the Catholic Church.

I went to a Catholic school and was molested by a priest. I should explain that he didn’t hurt me. He gave me my first blowjob, and it felt pretty good. I’m not defending these pedophiles. I’m just saying that we all know that, if there were no financial rewards, 75% of these victims would never have said a word. And these wonderful attorneys wouldn’t have cared less. It’s never been about justice; it’s been about money, and we all know it.

I honestly believe Pope Francis is trying to be the Pope for all Catholics. So if any of you out there feel like bashing me for giving this guy some credit, be my guest. I’ll stand with anyone who becomes powerful and tries to help those without the courage to attempt to help themselves. If we’re too weak to acknowledge the good then we’re not fit to whine about the bad.

Since I have no fear of dying, I’ve never known debilitating fear; however, I have witnessed it, and it’s truly draining to see. It’s like watching a person who has suffered a stroke try and sign their name. You want to help them but can’t.

I salute you, Pope Francis.

Keep up the good work!

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