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We live in a world of high speed. No, I am not talking about the speed of a Ferrari, neither about the Internet speed per country, or the speed limit on a highway; I am talking about how we started to burn the steps nowadays, in almost everything that we do.

We do not read books, but we Google the information that we want to know, we do not met anymore, but we text, at best we call, we do not write letters, we email, we do not fall in love we just fall in someone’s bed, we do not work for love, but we want it ALL at the first 5 minutes after a date, we do not want to work out, but we want a six pack, we do not get in a plane and visit, but we Skype. We want everything, and we want it 5 minutes ago!

We want to be understood, but we do not take time to understand the ones around us.

“Patience is a virtue” someone said, it was said a long, long time ago. It is still true, even more nowadays. With patience comes everything that is worth in our lives. From walking, learning to write, to read, to the first sunset that we see, to discovering the first kiss, the first love, the first yes that we get, the first job, driver license, and so forth. Even the worse can be cured with patience.  Even pain leaves the soul with the help of this magical potion called patience. We can fix the unfixable; we forget and forgive.

Patience with ourselves, with the ones around us and even, with the times that we are living at this moment.

All this came to me one day, when I was talking with a dear friend, that wants to be loved, completely, truly, but he wants this to happen overnight. He started using Tinder (you all know what I am talking about). He did not find love there. When it did not happen he was crushed, and he lost confidence in himself. He got lost in a vicious circle, and I truly believe that patience can get him out of there. Patience for love to happen, because if you are planting a seed and every day you take the seed out of the ground to see if it started to grow, instead of pouring water on it, it will never grow, will it?!

With regards to this in my case at least, all the relationships (friendships or more) were completely empty and somehow didn’t even have a chance to be born but they died, if I didn’t follow the “steps”. I have discovered the one in front of me with very small steps and enjoy the process of knowledge. To break the mystery of every smile, every pause, every look, every dimple that “landed” on someone’s face, every tear, every vulnerable spot, every fear that they might have, it has been a miracle. It is such a great process, with such an amazing result- such an intense feeling. All this happened because I have given the chance of the people around me to open up and rock my world, and give a chance to be surprised by life.

I challenge you, to have patience with the girl that doesn’t say yes after 3 dates, have patience to wait for the answer from the person that you asked how they are before you walk away, have patience with your own soul, with your own scars, with your child, with your parents, even with the traffic jams.

Have patience, for the result of what is built with time and care because it does not compare with anything that you might get 5 minutes ago.


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