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Zombies in the Bible

As I sit at my desk and wonder what I can write about it has dawned on me that today’s entertainment consists largely of a huge dose of Zombie related movies and shows. In general, most people will quickly say that it is merely fiction and nothing more. They will contend that there is no truth what so ever in the concept of zombies however perhaps we should see what exactly the bible says about such events. With that thought in mind I will discuss and show references to zombie or undead taken from the good book.

Sounds from a Lost Cemetery

Children tend to do some significant, but eerie things as they grow up. Yours truly was no exception to this rule. While growing up in New Jersey, as a preteen it was not uncommon for my friends and I to hide covertly behind a tombstone at the local cemetery. We would patiently await the passage of some poor, innocent “living being” as they made their way towards the local grocery store or somewhere else of importance to them in the early evening hours just after the arrival of darkness. In the event there was a full moon out that particular evening, the “scare game” we played took on a more sinister role and was even more enticing. I still to this day can vividly relive those creepy thrills experienced when we would suddenly leap out from behind the cold-stone tombstone and totally scare the pants off of an unsuspecting individual. To a young boy in those days this was a means of entertainment which actually hurt no one other than the intended victim and his or her missed heartbeats.