Publishing rules publishing rules:

  • Feed Title = Title should be 100 characters or less and contain long-tail keyword phrases for optimal results;
  • Feed category = Choose a category that is relevant to the feed content;
  • Feed excerpt = This teaser will be used in RSS feeds for our followers and on search results, category arhives, montly arhives and author arhives in our site.
    Also we will use this excerpt to share your feed on Social pages, so write it as attractive as possible;
  • Feed Body/content =
    1. your feed body/content should be at least 400 words long;
    2. it should be written in English without any grammar errors;
    3. it should be unique and make sure that you deliver on the promise in the title;
    4. no links allowed in the first 200 words of the article body;
    5. Maxim 3 external links;
    6.  1 Internal link ( to any article category or  article );
    7. only feeds that have content related to the category selected will be taken in consideration for publishing.
  • Verify you feed/article body to be unique before submitting for approval with this Plagiarism Checker Tool ;
  • Featured Image = it is not required but your feed will look more nicer to our readers;
  • Feed tags = not reguired, but if you add them maxim 3 are allowed.