Brake Shoes Replacement- A Step towards your Safety

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Before going into the details of brake shoes replacement, it is important to know more about the automobile part. Brakes shoes are fitted to the rear wheels of a vehicle and forms an essential part of the brake system. The moment driver steps on the brake; the brake shoes hit the drums and slacken the pace of the car.

Why should you indulge in Brake Shoes Replacement?

Brake shoes replacement is necessary to stop the noise created in the rear brakes. For proper functioning of the hand brake, brake shoes require immediate change. Apart from the mentioned uses, it controls a vehicle and any kind of wear and tear in it, leads to shaking of the car when brakes are applied. Besides, brake shoes replacement is closely associated with proper functioning of a car. There are times when you will experience loss of grip while not only driving but also pulling the brakes of your car. It also becomes difficult to stop the car you are controlling which is quite dangerous. Hence, drivers change it for safety issues.

A comparison between ceramic and semi-metallic brake shoes

Presently, two kinds of brakes shoes have gained significant popularity among drivers. For brake shoes replacement, people are now picking on ceramic ones that last longer without emitting brake dust.

On the contrary, brake shoes replacement is carried out using semi-metallic pads, which are highly durable. The presence of thermal threshold in it leads to firm braking which is why drivers choose it for their vehicles.

When it comes to comparison of the two types, semi-metallic brake shoes have an advantage over the other. It hardly requires frequent replacement like ceramic ones and is cheaper. Its flexibility in terms of usage in both small vehicles and large trucks is highly commendable.

However, in terms of cleanliness, ceramic brake shoes enjoy an extra point because of fewer dust emissions. Moreover, during brake shoes replacement, people often select ceramic ones since it makes less of noise.

A comparison between the two kinds of brake shoes for replacement is highly necessary in order to understand which one is suitable for your car. You need to choose wisely as these matters the most from the perspective of safety.

Which kind of brake shoes should you choose for replacement?

For brakes shoes replacement, there is a constant tussle between ceramic and semi-metallic brake pads. You will always have to compromise with better functioning or durability if you select one instead of the other. If you desire something, which is clean, you will have to sacrifice on better performance. This promptly points towards ceramic brake shoes. Again, if you long for a brake shoe that has an extraordinary stopping power, then you will have to forgo the one that causes less of screeches. This again reveals the positive and negative sides of semi-metallic brake shoes.

The entire task of choosing between the two is quite a tough job. Both come with their part of benefits and own set of issues. Therefore, for brake shoes replacement, you need to decide on either performance or willingness to spend on it. While ceramics are highly priced, semi-metallic brake shoes are quite abrasive.


The article not only creates awareness regarding brake shoes and its types but also smartly delivers the message as to why brake shoes replacement is necessary. After all, it all about safety and as long as you are secure, money hardly matters. So, change your brake shoes timely for avoiding road accidents.


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