Open letter To David Cameron

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Who are you? What are you?

Donald Trump is most definitely divisive and can be stupid, but he’s these things openly. Which sets him a part from being a Wessel like you who whispers divisive and stupid comments about two countries whose leaders he is about to meet. You do have him one up being the back stabbing coward.

If you do not know, you are not the leader of anything at all? England is not a country, a country governs it’s self. It decides what it can and cannot do. A Belgian named Herman Van Rompuy, an Italian named Mario Draghi and a German named Angela Merkel tells you and the other court jesters in this once upon a time British Empire when to jump and how high.

You most unimportant people on this most unimportant little island had better be glad that we Yanks don’t want a damn thing you have. We can’t bomb you since we’d be bombing our own children. There is no way to know how many of you have American fathers and grandfather since millions of you woman were spreading their legs for American candy, cigarettes and stockings during WWII.

You should leave this red headed American demon Trump alone. He has zero need of you, Mr. No Body. PM of Nothing. And we all know, if he’s elected, you’ll service our black boy. You might want to keep that British mouth shut before some guy with an American flag in his lapel shits in it.

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