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Why is it moronic to fight for religion?


In the light of the last years, or better said of thousands of years, we haven’t actually heard someone say that fighting for religious reasons and even more having wars because of it it is plain stupid. No matter how superstitious, believer or non-believer you are, a closer look at what various religions say, shows us that we are a disaster in practicing them.

Just like a never-ending source, conflicts and wars based on religious reasons exist even today, in 2016. Nowadays, when people have world-wide communication and no matter how poor you are you have a cell-phone with Internet access; it is surprising to see the same faulty type of thinking.

Below, you have 4 reasons why conflict based on religion is moronic

  1. There is no difference between religions

There really isn’t. All religions speak about a Holy, All-mighty energy or being that is omnipresent and omnipotent. From that energy someone or something descends to us, to put in order this world and teach us the good.  Christianity, Buddhism, Islamism, Protestantism, etc.

The only difference is that religions spread world-wide have taken the forms of the cultures and populations they speak to; they are more spiritual and nature-based for Asian people, more materialistic for Christians and so on.

  1. They all preach the same things

All religions and sects preach the following virtues: love, forgiveness, kindness, peace, and respect for one another.

  1. All religions are documented and thus interpretable

There have been some preachers or apostles or followers that have written versions of the Godly word. Some wrote with better talent others with simple words. What they wrote is often interpreted by priests that impose their rules, not God’s rules upon people. That is why religious texts should be considered not a written rule but a rich text that must be researched and used as a free learning experience under the guidance of priests, not under the rule of priests.

  1. All religions are free

It is an option. It should be a free option to adhere to a religion or not and even more being part of a religion should not constrain someone’s belief. Praying in groups is alright, but having a private conversation with God is true faith.

Being friends with a person of a different religion is perfectly normal and accepted.

There shouldn’t be one religion for all human kind because each of us is different and relates different to unknown matters.

Therefore, it is illogical and foolish to criticize or kill someone else for their religion thinking that yours is better, because it isn’t. Each person has a unique religion, after all, because each person has a unique way of talking to divinity.

Those prophets or priests that encourage conflict, violence, and revenge do not have a spiritual and religious interest; they have an economic and political interest.

All conflicts based on religious reasons have started from the political or economic interest of leaders or wealthy people; they used religion to manipulate the masses because people are connected spiritually and therefore are more weakened and easy to manipulate if someone hinders their soul.

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