5g phone and foldable mobile are latest trend for gadgets in 2019/2020

Smartphone industries latest trends are upcoming 5g phone and foldable mobile in 2019/2020. Many latest devices are being available at mobile world congress.
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Latest information regarding upcoming 5g phone and foldable mobile

Every year there is new innovation in mobile industries. This year we are having two trends 5G phone and foldable mobile. Last year there is android pie 9 operating system released. Which is also new to mobile industries.

Many giant of electronic gadgets has announced to launch their latest gadgets at mobile world congress. These include 5G mobile, foldable phone, drones and 5G hardware. Apple has launched 3 models of iPhone and also released latest ios 12 last year.

Foldable mobile– foldable cellphone have more than one screen and it is foldable. For example Xiaomi has recently release video of their foldable mobile

. It has three screens. One center screen and other two screens are folded back side. For calculation purpose if mobile screen dimension is 4 inch vertical and 2 inch horizontal. Then in foldable mobile, these will double screen size 8 by 4.

Though view size of the mobile screen is measured diagonally. But foldable mobile will give tough competition to notebook and specially tablets. Other type of foldable phone is like book. Those mobile are open side way like book. It has two screens. It is rumor that Samsung foldable mobile is having two screens.

5G phone – Lg, huawei, and oneplus will launch their latest devices including upcoming 5G mobile mostly at mobile world congress.

5G cellular network is rolling out worldwide. USA, UK, China has almost ready 5G high speed mobile network for wireless communication. At few place they have started 5G mobile network services. By June 2019 at least 10 cities of USA will have 5G network available for commercial purpose.

Initial 5G mobile must support other cellular network like 4g LTE or 3g. Otherwise your mobile will be out of coverage. Where 5G mobile networks are not available. For complete 5G network roll out it will take another 2 to 3 years.

Qualcomm 5G modem have features that when 5G network not available it will move to 4g network automatically.  Most of the upcoming 5G mobile will have Qualcomm snapdragon processor chipset. Sprint, at&t will release their 5G handset in 2019. Verizon has already introduced 5G high speed wireless access point last year.

Mobile world congress is the biggest fair exhibition for mobile. GSMA is a main organizer for mobile world congress. Mobile world congress is schedule from 25 February 2019 to 28 February 2019. Location is Barcelona Spain.

It has one special event called GLOMO award global mobile awards 2019. Many latest mobile will display at the event. Here is more information about hardware specification of upcoming 5G mobile.

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