How to get quality content written for your blog or website

You need quality content for your website or blog? Here's how you can have articles written by professionals at the lowest price on the market
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The internet has created a whole new world of digital marketing where companies and institutions advertise their products and services to online users. These organizations have their own websites and blogs where they engage users with information about their products. This new form of marketing has led to job creation in the writing department. These organizations hire writers who will write quality content for their sites in order to improve their rankings on search engine sites and improve traffic on their pages. is among the leading platforms where organizations get quality content written for their sites. The platform brings clients and writers together and both parties get to present and satisfy their writing needs.

Iwriter presents a clear cycle that defines how the client should post the required work, how the writer should bid for work and how payments should be done. In order for one to get quality content for their site, they should adhere to the following defined steps.

Clear instructions

When a client is posting a job, they should ensure that they give clear instructions about the task. The client should first indicate what the article is about in terms of category and the keywords to be used. The client may go further to indicate the frequency of keywords in the article and/or in the title. Instructions should indicate the total number of words since the number of words determines the payment.


Payment of articles well written is done through PayPal. The writer’s payments first go through his/her Iwriter account from where they can withdraw using the mandatory PayPal account. Payments are only made to writers whose articles are approved by the client. In the event that an article is rejected, no payment is made.


After an article is submitted to a client, it is highly advisable that the client leaves a rating and a review on the writer’s account.


This will allow other clients to know the quality of work the particular writer delivers. It will also help a writer boost their ratings and in turn, get more job requests on Iwriter. Ratings are also given by writers to their clients after a job is approved or rejected. This helps other writers know the approval rate of a client, approval time, and cooperation level.
Ratings and reviews are crucial parts of article writing since they give writers and clients the first impression of each other. A client with a poor rating will find it hard to have their articles written while a writer with poor ratings will receive few special requests. As such, clients should be careful about the rate at which they reject and approve articles while writers should ensure they put out quality content all the time. has made it easy for organizations, websites and blogs to get quality content written for their sites. The best part about this platform is that one gets to choose the most satisfactory article according to their preference.

As such, they have control over the type of articles they post on their sites. If a client finds that a specific writer is satisfying their perfection level, the client can hire the writer on an exclusive basis. This means that they give the writer special requests on their articles.
Iwriter is an amazing source of quality content for websites and alternative income for writers.

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