Grandfather Lies to Save Child

At first, this grandfather confused me with his statement, "My five year old granddaughter is pretty magical. I’d hate to destroy it with ‘reality’". I thought, why would a grandfather tell lies and condone lies being told to his granddaughter?
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I already knew why this grandfather was whining about the communists getting rich off of slave labor. He, and the others like him, have a case of the J. Edgar Hoover virus. Hoover persecuted homosexuals during the day and then cuddled up with his lover, Clyde Tolson, at night. These slave labor bashers know that they’re the real cause of the problem since 80% of the items in their homes and on their backs were made with slave labor.

Then, it hit me like a runaway Toyota: if this grandfather is a Canadian, he’d have a hard time explaining reality to a five year old since Canada is No. 6 on the list of the world’s top arms dealers, and far worse than that, these Canadians are selling depleted uranium to the US, which is a violation of Protocol 1 Additional To The Geneva Conventions (1977).

Now of course, if this grandfather is a US, UK or Australian citizen, then he’d damn sure need lies. Ever see a map of the countries these Brits have invaded? And who wants to try and explain to a five year old that all of her ancestors were the dregs of society and were shipped off to a penial colony? I mean, I’d not want the job of explaining the Abu Ghraib pictures to a five year old. Then there are the pictures of little girls just like her lying in the streets and burned out buildings with arms that were blown off by rockets containing this Canadian depleted uranium, especially since there is no such thing as depleted uranium. Uranium, like lies, is still uranium even if you call it Rudolph’s red nose.

I now totally agree with this grandfather: no five year old should be forced to see who and what we really are. And since we’re paying these communists in Red China to play the bad guy, let them earn their pay, at least until these five year olds get to be 50 and are lying, stealing and microwaving mothers and their children like their grandfathers did.

Christians, believe me, bankers, politicians, preachers and mercenaries like me adore you and thank god for you. You are truly manna from heaven. Your fabrications and pretense are like the walls of a box canyon. We simply stand at the only exit and block your egress like the pioneers blocked the bands of wild horses that followed some idiot into this canyon. And glory be to God and thank Jesus for the creme de la crème (the best of the best), the blacks. We beat them, chain them together and loaded them on ships to be carted off and sold as slaves. And all we had to give them in return was a book that said if they submitted peacefully, they’d get a better deal the next time.

It is reported that when Baron Rothschild was told that Jesus had said, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” He said, “I like the way that fellow thinks. Set up a meeting.”

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