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dumping oiled waste

Frantically Greedy or Mentally Disturbed

The deliberate pollution of the seas and intentional acts to cover it up.

Murderer For Hire

Executive director of Equal Justice Initiative, Bryan Stevenson says, "The entire prosecutorial system in his home state (Alabama) is riddled with incompetence and not-so-latent racism, that perpetuates an historic injustice between black and white in the entire Deep South."
con men

Con Men

I’ve never been able to find a lot of compassion or sympathy for the victims of conmen like Bernard Madoff.

VA Medical Wait Times

Disney comment leaves VA secretary facing criticism (and a few puns) over veterans' wait times. Of course, it is mostly Republican politicians who are doing the complaining about VA wait times, and of course...

Act of God

Hello Global warming bashers.According to Huffton Post: And I quote: Last month was the warmest April ever recorded. Climate scientists have been warning about this since at least the 1980s. And it’s been bloody...

Pope Francis

The Pope calls employers who exploit workers “bloodsuckers.” Now, I could really have some fun with this one. I mean, if there has ever been an organization that sucks all round, it is the...
Are You a Truthful Person

Are You a Truthful Person?

That’s not as easy of a question to answer as you may think, especially if you answer it honestly. Please note that words like ‘almost,’ ‘practically,’ and ‘roughly’ are not part of the question.I...

Open letter To David Cameron

Who are you? What are you? Donald Trump is most definitely divisive and can be stupid, but he’s these things openly. Which sets him a part from being a Wessel like you who whispers divisive and...

Free Spirit

Family, friends, and enemies alike say they don’t understand me. From my point of view, nothing could be easier. 76 years ago I arrived in this world without a plan, yet, I am still...


Recession is a word. And that’s all it is—a word. But it’s a great word for people like me.